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Safety Tip Bluetooth Feb

When troubleshooting or starting up a control system, it’s often necessary to take electrical readings using portable test instruments. For years, the most common way to do this was to use the proper PPE (personal protection equipment) outlined in NFPA 70E and take live measurements. This method inherently puts people at an increased risk for injury.  

Today we have an alternative and much safer method for testing that uses the Bluetooth technology found in portable measurement instruments such as the FLIR CM55 or the OWNON B35T+.

These Bluetooth-enabled devices come with smartphone apps, which allow you to get your readings on a mobile device rather than manually. All you have to do is de-energize the control system you’re troubleshooting or starting and perform the proper lock-out/tag-out as necessary. Then access the system and install the test instrument so it can be read remotely. After that, just close the cabinet door and re-energize the system. Electrical readings can now be read on a smartphone or mobile device rather than subjecting personnel to potentially hazardous voltages.

Contact us to learn more about our Bluetooth-enabled devices, or call one of our sales specialists to assist you in choosing the right instrument for your needs.