Mechanical Calibration

PMC Calibration has a variety of services pertaining to mechanical calibration. We provide force gauge calibrations for testing machines, weighing devices or other equipment to ensure accurate readings for tension, compression, and torque. Our expert mechanical calibration services ensure your measuring instruments perform accurately and are regulated to NIST-traceable standards. To keep your equipment within operating range and performing at maximum efficiency, PMC recommends regularly scheduled calibration intervals. Contact our ISO accredited calibration lab today.

Physical Calibration

PMC calibrates, repairs, and consults on various test and measurement equipment. Please call us at (800) 328-1235, and one of our application and calibration specialists will be happy to assist you.

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Mechanical Calibration Capabilities

  • Belt Tension Gauge
  • Cable Tension Gauge
  • Dynamometer
  • Durometer
  • Force Scale
  • Force Gauges
  • Force Gauges (Compression)
  • Force Gauges (Tension)
  • Hanging Scale
  • Load Cells
  • Push Tester
  • Spring Scale
  • Tension Meter
  • Torque Analyzer
  • Torque Driver
  • Torque Limiter
  • Torque Multiplier
  • Torque Tester
  • Torque Watch
  • Torque Wrench
  • Wire Stripper