Megger MIT2500: Handheld Insulation and Continuity Tester

Product Spotlight: Megger MIT2500 Insulation Tester Handheld Insulation Testers have long been an essential tool across industries. Professionals on the cutting edge know and expect Megger testers to bring quality in a user-friendly package. The MIT2500 gives service engineers an accurate, easy to use and durable tool for testing insulation of motors and cables. What [...]

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Remote Energy Monitoring Solutions for DENT PowerScout Products

Whether you are running a manufacturing facility, data center, or a commercial building, energy costs can have an impact on profitability. To help, Process Measurement Company (PMC) and DENT Instruments have introduced an advanced remote energy monitoring solution with the ability to easily compare energy usage and control costs across multiple sites. This monitoring solution [...]

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Test & Measurement, Thermal Imaging and More Solutions for the Mining Industry

ISO / IEC 17025 Accredited Calibration Lab, Products, Rentals, Repairs and More Supply the Mining and Metallurgy Industry  Process Measurement Company and Lakeland Engineering Equipment Company provide tailored electrical solutions, test & measurement equipment and ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration equipment to customers in the mining and minerals industry. Together, we offer the most complete selection [...]

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NEC 220.87 Code Compliance – 30-Day Load Studies

What is NEC Code 220.87? The National Electric Code (NEC) exists to protect both people and property from potential hazards. Before adding equipment to your electrical system, it is recommended that a 30-day load / power study is performed to protect you from potential system overload. The NEC Code 220.87 Determining Existing Loads specifies that the [...]

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Dranetz Product Trainings & New HDPQ Product Line   

 PMC joins with Distributor Dranetz to provide Power Quality Training PMC and Dranetz recently held customer training events in Minneapolis and Fargo. As an authorized distributor of Dranetz, PMC teamed-up to provide customers with further information about power quality and the full-line of Dranetz products. This event offered information helpful to those new to power [...]

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Megger MPQ1000 Promotion

For a limited time, Megger is offering a Megger MPQ1000 promotion. The promotion features a free MIT 400/2 1kV insulation tester with the purchase of a new Megger MPQ1000 power quality analyzer. To redeem this offer, a new MPQ1000 must be purchased and this postcard must be completed and returned. Connect with a sales representative [...]

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Renting Electrical Test Equipment after Hurricane Flooding

The recent hurricanes have left many with the need to purchase or rent electrical test equipment and cables to test functionality and safety. These cities have been left devastated and are slowly in the process of rebuilding. During this rebuilding process, it is important to consider the damages that your electrical cables and equipment may [...]

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The Danger of Voltage Sags & Swells

Voltage sags and swells are common in most industrial settings and don’t often cause a complete loss of power. However, they can create major power quality issues and potentially damage or shut down sensitive equipment. PMC offers a number of different ways to monitor power quality so you can determine whether power is sagging, swelling [...]

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Meet the New Dranetz HDPQ SP

Dranetz recently introduced the HDPQ SP line of IP65 power quality monitors. The SP versions are available in the Visa and Guide models, and are designed for use in harsh, outdoor and remote environments, as well as for applications where an LCD display is undesirable. Dranetz HDPQ SP users can now choose between a traditional [...]

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Power Line Insulation Inspections with an Airborne Twist

Inspecting power line insulation can be anything but easy. However, thanks to some fascinating advances in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) or drones there is a creative new way folks are inspecting power lines. In an October article from EC&M, the publication talks about how drones are boosting profitability for businesses and making visual equipment and [...]

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What is a 30 Day Load Study and Why You Should Care?

Before you add more equipment to an existing electrical system, you should always do a 30 day load study. Why? Well, the National Electrical Code article 220.87 (see below) recommends all businesses do so to ensure you don’t cause a system overload, start a fire, and then burn down your building. A 30 day load [...]

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PMC Expands High Voltage Testing Capabilities to 195 kV with New High Voltage Dividers.

PMC Calibration is excited to announce the acquisition of several Ross Engineering High Voltage Dividers. The models acquired include the VD-30, VD-120, and VD-195. Ross Engineering’s precision high voltage dividers are calibration standards that have expanded our high voltage testing capabilities to 195 kV. Any of PMC’s four locations can now test all of your [...]

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