Why do Load Cells Malfunction?

Supplier Spotlight on: Rice Lake Weighing Systems

PMC is a Rice Lake Weighing Systems authorized distributor, carrying the full product line including one of their most well-known products, load cells. While load cells are the most critical part of an electronic weighing system, they are also the most vulnerable and can malfunction from time to time. Rice Lake describes the symptoms to watch for that may indicate load cell malfunction and provides a means to troubleshoot load cell failure.

ice lake authorized distributorCommon causes of load cell malfunction include:

  • Worn cables
  • Loose wire fittings
  • Overloading scale capacity—resulting in shock and load cell deformation
  • Lightning strikes or electrical surges
  • Chemical or moisture ingress
  • Improper handling

Symptoms of load cell malfunction can include:

  • Zero drift
  • The inability to calibrate and reset the scale
  • Unreliable readings
  • Weights that don’t register

After ruling out common causes of load cell failure, resistance measuring is most commonly applied to troubleshoot failing load cells. While this will reveal some information, it should be performed along with one of the tests listed below to get a complete summary of the problem and allow for economical load cell repair.

Tests to troubleshoot load cell failure include:

  • Millivolt Return
  • Resistance Readings
  • Leakage Test
  • Delta Weigh/Signal Test
  • Tap Tests
  • Unknown Color Codes
  • Unknown Capacities

For more information on how to perform these tests, read the full blog on the Rice Lake website. Rice Lake offers more than 40,000 products, with over one million items in stock and available for same- or next-day shipping. PMC has access to the complete line of Rice Lake products and provides calibration within our ISO 17025 accredited calibration lab. For questions or to request application assistance for Rice Lake products and solutions, contact PMC.

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