Tech Tip: Thermocouple Sensor Installation

Thermocouple Sensor Installation Tech Tip

A very common temperature sensor used in all industries is the tried and true thermocouple.  Thermocouples are a very simple device which incorporates the bonding of two dissimilar metals to form a sensor junction.  As this junction changes temperature the millivolt output of the thermocouple changes which is a representation of temperature. So, what is the correct way to perform a thermocouple sensor installation?

A common mistake often made during thermocouple sensor installation is how the thermocouple is connected to the measurement readout or I/O module.  It is required that thermocouple extension wire is used to connect the sensor to the reading device to prevent measurement errors.  If standard copper wire is used, then that introduces a different metal type and creates an error, thus it should not be used.

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