Sub-metering Done Right!

Revenue metering, whether it be in a power plant or in a sub-metering application requires components that are accurate. ANSI-C12.1-2008 is a standard that outlines metering accuracies that are used to make sure costs or charges derived from these measurements are accurate.  Accuracy is perhaps the most important attribute of high-end metering.

Revenue grade systems give you the ability to bill directly and accurately from the readings/data. These standards give users of power consumption metering systems a uniform method of evaluating competing products, and eliminating misunderstandings between manufacturer and purchaser.

Current and voltage transformers are an important part of any power measurement, particularly in a revenue application. PMC has a full line of products, for your industrial or revenue grade sub-metering needs. Please contact one of our application specialists to assist in selecting the best solution for you.

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