Siemens Sitrans LR560: Easy Replacement for Ultrasonic Easy-Aimer with PMC

Are you looking to upgrade from the Siemens Milltronics ultrasonic bulk solid level detection? If so, the advanced Siemens Sitrans LR560 with radar level technology is a top choice.

As a Siemens VS2 partner, PMC has a solution to grain bin monitoring with the Sitrans LR560. The Sitrans LR560 uses a 4 degree radar beam with enough power to blast through dust and particulate during a filling or emptying application for bulk solid bins in scenarios where ultrasonics do not work as well. Think of this product for bins filled with aggregate, grain, coal, fly ash, and more.

PMC Spearheads Custom Flange to Convert the Ultrasonic to the LR560

PMC designed a custom flange to convert the Easy-Aimer bolt pattern to that of the LR560. One can use a stand-alone display from Red Lion, Sifam Tinsley, or Laurel Instruments to display bin level and output to a PLC or run the 4-20mA signals from the LR560 back to their PLC. Red Lion also has protocol converters available to talk with any PLC programming language.

Sitrans LR560 Features

There are many benefits of the LR560, including:

  • Easy set-up using Quick Start Wizard.
  • LDI with local programming and diagnostics.
  • 78 GHz high frequency provides very narrow beam, virtually no mounting nozzle noise, and optimal reflection from sloped solids.
  • Aimer option to direct beam to area of interest, such as draw point of cone.
  • Lens resistance to product build-up & air purge connection for self-cleaning of sticky solids.

Why Switch to the Sitrans LR560?

An international seed company replaced 8 milltronics with LR560s due to controller malfunction. Lakeland/PMC was able to help supply components in I/O modules, power supplies, enclosure, and LR560s for this upgrade.

The customer had a high alarm of 92% full with the ultrasonic transmitter. Using the LR560, they were able to confidently set their high alarm at 98%. The size of these bins allowed the customer to use an additional bin worth of product, realizing a project ROI of less than 2 years with this upgrade.

To learn more about switching to the Siemens Sitrans LR560, click here.


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