Pepperl-Fuchs Pad-Ex® 01 HR DZ2 – Windows Tablet

Product Description

Pad-Ex® 01 HR DZ2 (Zone 2, Division 2) redefines a mobile Full Win tablet PC

While being given its level of ruggedness, Pad-Ex® 01 HR DZ2 meets all the environmental requirements and supports the 5th generation Intel® Core™ i5 / i7 processor. It also provides battery life up to 7 hours and Windows® 10 / Pro support.

The Pad-Ex Windows Tablet is rugged revolution thin, light and strong. Combining robust features and a large screen size, superior performance is ideal for field operatives of all sectors to complement or even substitute Desktop PC, laptop or wall mounted display.

Supporting such an ultra compact form factor, Pad-Ex® 01 DZ2 manages to fully meet IP65, 4 feet drop and MIL-STD 81 OG for vibration. With its additional display protection it offers complete protection against the harsh environment field workers face and minimizes burden on their bodies during long hours of work.

As private 4G / LTE wireless connectivity is increasingly adopted within hazardous areas, Pad-Ex® 01 DZ2 ensures access is fast and seamless – enabling users to quickly access the information needed to perform the task at hand. For sites without WiFi or 4G access in the field, Pad-Ex® 01 DZ2 provides up to 256GB of SSD memory to meet your on-board data storage needs, backed by an i5, or optional i7 processor to ensure your applications run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

The Pad-Ex® 01 DZ2 allows realtime connectivity to both Bluetooth SmartReady Low Energy 4.0 (BLE) devices as well as older legacy Bluetooth devices. This allows the mobile worker to benefit from expanded Pad-Ex® 01 DZ2 capabilities such as data collection and measuring/monitoring devices, headsets, AutoID and Bluetooth Beacons for localization.

Once your work in the field is done, Pad-Ex® 01 DZ2 transforms into your PC via the optional desktop docking interface, allowing seamless integration into your office and corporate networks.

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