Dranetz HDPQ Guide SP 30/300/3000A FLEX Package


Dranetz HDPQ Guide SP 30/300/3000A FLEX Package, Qty (1) DRANFLEX3003XLB24 3 phase CT, Qty (1) DRANFLEX3000XLB24 1 Phase CT

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Product Description

The Dranetz HDPQ Guide SP 30/300/3000A FLEX Package offers the same great measurement and communication capabilities as the Dranetz HDPQ Guide but in an IP65 enclosure.

Applications: Whether your application requires power quality monitoring, demand/energy monitoring, or both, the powerful feature set of the Dranetz HDPQ® Guide family provides you the tools needed to get the job done. Dranetz HDPQ Guide instruments are perfect for applications such as PQ surveys, fault recording, inrush, motor testing, harmonic analysis, advanced distortion analysis, demand/energy/load studies, and much more. The HDPQ Guide and Guide SP offer the exact same measurement features, but in different enclosures, that can meet the needs of a wide variety of applications and work environments. The HDPQ Guide is a portable instrument with a built in 7”, Tablet like LCD display. The same local user interface is also available remotely on a PC, Tablet or Smartphone by using the built in Ethernet or Wi-Fi communications and Dran-View 7, or a free VNC remote control App. The HDPQ Guide SP offers the same measurement capabilities and communications, but is housed in an IP65 enclosure without an LCD display, greatly expanding applications into outdoor and harsh environments along with those where an LCD display is undesirable.


Description: Dranetz HDPQ Guide SP 30/300/3000A FLEX Package, Qty (1) DRANFLEX3003XLB24 3 phase CT, Qty (1) DRANFLEX3000XLB24 1 Phase CT


  • Precision – 16-25Hz, 42.5-69Hz Capabilities
  • Safe & Rugged
  • IP65 Enclosure
  • Arc Flash Safety
  • UL/cUL listed and CE approved
  • High Definition PQ & Energy Monitoring – 1000Vrms, AC/DC, 512 samples/cycle
  • High Speed Digitized Transients to 1us – to 2000Vpk
  • Eight channels, 4 voltage & 4 current
  • AnswerModules – Sag directivity, PF capacitor identification, motor – automatic event categorization
  • Advanced PQ – IEC 61000-4-30 Class A & IEEE 1159 compliant
  • Harmonics – IEC 61000-4-7, IEEE 519
  • Transient capabilities – V & I – waveshape triggers. Beyond standards
  • IEE 1459 Advanced Power Measurements
  • 10,000 cycle pre/post trigger buffer
  • EN 50160 Ed 3


  • Ethernet, Wi-Fi, USB, Bluetooth
  • VNC for full remote control
  • Apple & Android apps with real time metering and alarm Dashboard
  • Enhanced Dranetz tech support
  • Automatic circuit detection and feedback on proper connection of the instrument

User Interface:

  • Automatic setups – PQ, D&E


  • Mini-report – Screen snapshots, XML file. Easily uploaded and emailed!
  • Power quality & energy Dashboard’s for real time alarming
  • Bigger display for more productive local analysis
  • AnswerModules – automatic event categorization
  • Dran-View 7
    – Data analysis and reporting
    – Rescue kit
    – Post processing
    – Data Downloading
    – VNC Control

Package Contents: The Dranetz HDPQ Guide SP 30/300/3000A package come with the instrument, Ethernet, USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 4GB of memory, , Dranview 7 Enterprise PC software, AC power adapter with universal country plugs, soft case and a voltage cable & accessory set that includes: (4) Black 6ft cables, (4) Black alligator clips, (4) White 6ft cables, (4) White alligator clips.



Additional Information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 9 × 4 in


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