Automation Components A/ASCSX2 AC Current Switch (Normally Closed)



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The Automation Components A/ASCSX2 AC Current Switch (Normally Closed) is  a split-core with Normally-Closed (N/C) output configuration. This sensor has a solid-state output with an adjustable trip point (setpoint). The Automation Components A/ASCSX AC Current Switch is ideal for providing status information on any type of AC current using equipment. This current switch should be used in applications in which a current switch with adjustable trip point is required. A change in the operating current may indicate motor failure, belt loss/slippage, or mechanical failure. Any time one of these events occurs, the current can significantly increase or decrease, thus tripping the sensor, and notifying the Building Management System of an alarm condition. The A/ASCSX2 current switch can be used to monitor devices with a maximum continuous operating current of 250 Amps. The Automation Components A/ASCSX 2switch will not need to be externally powered, since the power for the switch is induced from the conductor being monitored. Another great feature of the A/ASCSX2 series current switches is that they include a Red and Green LED that will indicate the “Status” of the switch contacts. The ASCS series current switches have an adjustable trip point of 15 to 200 Amps.


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Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in


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