Power Line Insulation Inspections with an Airborne Twist

Inspecting power line insulation can be anything but easy. However, thanks to some fascinating advances in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) or drones there is a creative new way folks are inspecting power lines. In an October article from EC&M, the publication talks about how drones are boosting profitability for businesses and making visual equipment and systems inspection easier. The next wave of innovation may come from thermal imaging attachments for drones, which can inspect from aerial views that buckets cannot get to as easily. PMC will keep tabs on these technological advances right here on our blog.

Do you have a thermal imaging job to do, but need a better resolution camera? Are you looking to do a hipot test of your power lines or high voltage cables? Give us a call and we can help you find the solution that makes sense for your unique situation.

PMC rentals is a provider of test and measurement equipment for electricians. We provide the equipment that contractors need to get the job done without the capital outlay that can drive your project profits down. Whether you’re looking to do a megger test, analyze a power quality issue or log kilowatt hours and perform a 30-day load study, PMC has got you covered.

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