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Process Measurement Company (PMC) is again expanding its rental inventory with high-quality test and measurement equipment to fulfill its customers’ needs. Recently added to available rental inventory is the High Voltage, Inc. Very Low Frequency (VLF) 34E Hipot.

VLF testing is used for any application requiring AC testing of high capacitance loads. New cable installations are recommended to be tested with VLF to ensure they are functioning properly. A VLF Hipot is an AC output tester with an output frequency of 0.1 Hz or lower. The term high-potential, or “hipot,” was given to a class of electrical safety testing instruments used to verify adequate electrical insulation, perform a dielectric breakdown test, and perform a dielectric withstanding test.

About the VLF-34E Hipot Tester

The VLF-34E is a top performer from the latest HVI VLF AC hi-pots using a dry-type, air-cooled, solid-state design with microprocessor control. The VLF Hipot allows a much larger range of high voltage testing on the AC side – up to 34kV AC. The 0 – 34 kV AC peak/0 – 24 kV RMS output voltage meets world standards for maintenance testing up to 25 kV class cable. Test programming, data retrieval, and custom PC software are intuitive and easy to learn. This unit is portable, affordable, and designed to withstand years of field use.

PMC Rentals added this hipot tester to their rental offerings to fulfill their commitment of bringing new and trending products to their customers. The VLF style is in greater demand because it reduces the threat of tearing-up cable insulation. If a cable is damaged, this unit does not create more work for the contractor or engineering outfit. To view additional advantages of this product, visit the product page.

VLF Hipot High-end Features Include:

The cost to rent this product for 7-days is $590. For additional rental options and to request availability, click here.

Included in the VLF-34E Hipot Rental:

PMC Rentals has a longstanding history of excellence in supplying products to customers with on-time delivery and cost-competitive pricing. We offer a variety of rental durations to fit our customers’ needs best. In addition, this product is available for calibration through PMC’s ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration lab.

Interested in renting this product today? Contact a PMC Rentals specialist for easy, on-time ordering.