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Data Loggers, PanelPilot Displays & More

Process Measurement Company has expanded our supplier offerings to include Lascar Electronics. This partnership will focus on expanding PMCs line of data loggers and panel meters while providing exceptional customer support and advanced technologies to customers.

Lascar specializes in innovative products that are easy to use, high quality and flexible. Lascar is present in almost every industry – from test and measurement, process, industrial, HVAC, food & beverage and more. Two of Lascar’s popular product lines are the data loggers and PanelPilot displays.

Lascar Data Loggers

Lascar introduced the world’s first USB data loggers, since, the EasyLog brand has grown to offer a diverse number of instruments for measuring a wide range of data logging applications. These instruments are user-friendly, versatile, cost effective and flexible. Connectivity capabilities include WiFi, USB, SMS and Bluetooth. Lascar data loggers can measure a variety of parameters including temperature, voltage, thermistor, carbon monoxide and more. The Lascar EasyCloud software allows users to automate, protect and store data. Easily access and manage your monitoring system from anywhere in the world using a smartphone, tablet, PC or any internet-enabled device.

Lascar PanelPilot Displays

Lascar manufactures panel meters called PanelPilot displays. This panel meter series was built with the goal of improving quality, efficiency and productivity of processes. PanelPilot touchscreen displays could form the ideal basis of your next generation range of interactive test and measurement instruments. The series also provides an excellent means of controlling simple and complex production process parameters. PanelPilot displays come in varying screen sizes and feature Analogue inputs, Digital inputs/outputs, Alarm outputs, PWM outputs, RS232 & RS485 comms, CAN bus, MODBUS & Ethernet connectivity, PID control, Ethernet FTP for logged data, multi-channel data logging and trend graphing, as well as password protection for increased security.

About Lascar Electronics

Since 1977, Lascar Electronics has been providing digital display, data logging and custom instrumentation solutions to customers across the world. With direct sales and technical offices in the United Kingdom, United States and Hong Kong and a large global network of distributors, Lascar’s aim is to bring our unique brand of products to users in multiple application and geographical markets and support their needs wherever they arise.

Process Measurement Company and Lascar Electronics

PMC is a leading distributor of test and measurement equipment and provides ISO 17025 calibration services and flexible rental options. We’re proud to continue to expand on our vast product library to include industry-leading manufacturers who support the PMC notion of supplying the best possible products and customer service. For more information about the Lascar product line or to request a quote, contact us today.