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Dent is well-known for its high-quality energy measurement solutions. PMC and Lakeland work together to provide our customers with the best metering solution to fit their application needs. Dent recently released the new PowerScout 48 HD Power Meter. This new product makes adding revenue-grade metering simpler to install and more cost-effective for commissioning.

The PowerScout HD allows you to monitor any combination of up to 16 three-phase or 48 single-phase electrical devices across two separate voltages with revenue-grade accuracy. The meter also removes the hassle of installing separate energy meters.

DENT revenue-grade metering

The Top Capabilities of the Dent PowerScout 48 HD Meter Include:

Where can I Use the Dent PowerScout 48 HD?

This meter can be used in various settings in conjunction with internal systems to help measure different energy systems. Some common places to use the PowerScout 48 HD meter include data centers, office buildings, retail centers, industrial complexes, and hospitals.

Where do I Order the PowerScout 48 HD?

PMC and Dent collaborate to provide our customers with the best solutions to fit their needs. PMC is your one-stop shop for test equipment, industrial instrumentation, and measurement and control products.

We carry an extensive line of Dent products – but that’s only one of PMC’s many suppliers. The PMC team is an expert in their fields. Call us if you don’t see the product you are looking for on our website. There are thousands of products in stock and available for order.

PMC is ready to supply you with the best product to fit your needs. Whether it is a new product that requires calibration, a rental request, or a product that requires repair, the PMC specialists are standing by.

Get in touch with us to learn more about how PMC can provide the optimal solution for your business.

About Dent PowerScout Meters

Dent’s PowerScout products help identify inefficiencies, meet performance goals, and gain powerful insight with DENT submeters. Real-time energy data is communicated using industry-standard Modbus or BACnet.

Dent has also announced that it will release the PowerScout 12 HD in December 2017. Stay tuned for more information about this new product.

PowerScout series networked power meters provide timely and accurate consumption data to gain the upper hand on electrical costs in today’s escalating energy market. To learn more about Dent’s line of PowerScout meters, click here.