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The Megger MTO106 Transformer Ohmmeter’s adaptable design makes it an efficient solution for winding resistance testing in smaller transmission and distribution transformers. The MTO106 detects problems such as faulty tap contacts, broken conductors, shorted winding disks or layers and poor bushing connections.

The reliability and accuracy of Megger’s tools have made them a mainstay in the market for resistance testing and measurement, with each product able to quickly diagnose issues, predict replacements and save users dozens of costly hours.

Megger’s MTO106 is Adaptable and Saves Users Time

The MTO106 ohmmeter is also used to measure the winding resistance of other inductive assets, including generators and motors. Megger designed this product to be useful throughout the engineering, electrical and industrial fields.

This line-operated Megger ohmmeter features 10m (33 ft.) Kelvin leads and dual channels. The instrument provides accurate information on the vast majority of power transformers, reactors, and instrument transformers. Manual settings allow for the test current to be set to five different ranges easily. The MTO106 fits many transformers of varying sizes, and longer leads greatly reduce set-up time for the resistance testing of pole-mounted transformers.

The Megger MTO106 Provides Accuracy in a User-Friendly Format

Simply flip the single selector switch and activate the single button to engage the test cycle. This as well as the longer test leads saves time and energy required to train service engineers. The design and function of the Megger MTO106 are intuitive; it has a multimeter-type operation, making the testing process as simple as possible.

Winding Resistance Testing

Enhanced Safety Feature

The Megger ohmmeter has an automatic discharge function that protects the user by de-energizing the transformer at the end of every test. The discharge function is passive and thus also functions if there is an inadvertent loss of power or if the test or mains leads are accidentally pulled. Additionally, audible and visual indicators alert users that a test is being conducted.

Compact and lightweight, the MTO106 is weatherproof rated at IP67 from solids and liquids, making it virtually impervious to the elements when closed and transported.

Key Benefits of the Megger MTO106:

The PMC Advantage

PMC understands our customers need solutions that provide technology, design, simplicity and durability. Established in 1981, PMC has upheld a reputation of trust across the Midwest, working with customers to keep their operations running smoothly, safely, and efficiently.

PMC’s product and application experts can help find the right solution for any project through our equipment purchase, rental, and ISO 17025 accredited calibration services.