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Product Spotlight: Megger MIT2500 Insulation Tester

Handheld Insulation Testers have long been an essential tool across industries. Professionals with cutting-edge knowledge expect Megger testers to bring quality in a user-friendly package. The MIT2500 gives service engineers an accurate, easy-to-use, and durable tool for testing the insulation of motors and cables.

What Causes Insulation Failure?

Moisture, excessive heat or cold, corrosive vapors, vibration, dirt, oil, or humidity bring down the resistance of a wire. Moreover, they lead to higher costs for businesses in repairs. Even though insulation usually degrades over time, certain events like flooding can cause a sudden drop in insulation. This can result in not only equipment failure but also bodily harm if in contact with uninsulated wire or equipment.

Older technology requires extensive training for staff, a cumbersome testing process, time-consuming tracking, and yields inaccurate results making day-to-day operations difficult. Performing regular insulation testing on your equipment will ensure its accuracy and safety. That’s where the Megger MIT2500 insulation tester comes in.

The Megger MIT2500 Makes Insulation Testing Easy

The Megger MIT2500 is high-end and highly accurate insulation and continuity tester, optimal for use in the electrical and industrial markets. The battery-powered, handheld MIT2500 was designed for both motor and cable testing. It also facilitates uses in specialty applications, electrical testing applications, and testing over 1000v. By giving this capability to a handheld device, Megger allows for a much less cumbersome and time-consuming process when testing insulation and continuity.

The MIT2500 is also available in a rechargeable option, making it one of the only handheld insulation testers in its category to maintain functionality for extended usage throughout projects.

Enhanced Accuracy Reduces Costs

Accuracy is key when it comes to monitoring the equipment your company uses on a day-to-day basis. The possibility of equipment needing repairs and bringing production to a halt is costly. Because of this, Megger has pushed past the competition to produce some of the most accurate equipment on the market. Previously, similar insulation and continuity testers in line with the MIT2500 maintained an output range of +20%, which can be hazardous and costly to equipment. Thanks to a redesigned test voltage feedback control, this insulation tester maintains an output test within +2% of the selected range, greatly reducing repair and damaged circuit costs.

The addition of a newly designed guard terminal also reduces the effects of surface breaking currents known to reduce the accuracy of readings in higher voltages.in addition to increased accuracy, megger designed the MIT2500 to be rugged, solid, and rated to withstand many hazardous conditions. its over-molded design is rated ip54 weatherproof; it is protected from dust, splashing, spraying and dripping water.

Key Features of the MIT2500:Megger MIT2500 insulation tester

Quickly Record Your Results in Real-Time

Megger has improved functionality beyond the testing process. With an easy-to-read, fully digital display, reduced response time from the contact buzzer, and easy setup functions, the MIT2500 can greatly reduce the time it takes to perform insulation testing. Smooth Bluetooth® and pairing procedures make the MIT2500 easy to pair and download data. The test results are downloaded to a CSV  file which can then be opened as an Excel spreadsheet. With the ability to record results in real-time, companies are saving valuable hours and effort.

Megger MIT2500 insulation tester

Purchase or Rent the Megger MIT2500 Today

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