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Megger has long been the name to trust for electrical test equipment. This month, we look at a couple of new Megger products available through PMC’s Component Solutions Shop and share a few of the rental offerings available through PMC Rentals.

Megger’s newest offering is the MIT400/2 handheld insulation tester series that features a redesigned case, back-stand, and 6-cell battery compartment with separate fuse access points. The MIT400 is designed not just for electrical and industrial but for an exceptionally wide range of applications, including electrical installations, cable testing, motor testing, automotive, ESD, panel building, avionics, maintenance, and more.

The MIT400 range consists of four instruments:

The MIT400 series has new technology improvements for over-voltages during insulation tests. Traditional competing models see over-voltage limits in the 10 – 20% range, while this unit outruns the competition at just a 2% over-voltage limit. The unit also provides enhanced speeds in continuity testing. Check out the full product details here.

PMC offers Megger test equipment for purchase, or you can rent them for periods ranging from a couple of days to several months.

Here are a few of your leading Megger rental options:

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