AC/DC Hipot, Insulation Resistance and Ground Bond Testing Equipment Rentals

PMC Rentals continues to grow their testing equipment rentals, this time adding the Slaughter 4320 safety analyzer. The Slaughter 4320 Safety Analyzer is a 4 in 1 tester that is both easy to use and versatile. This benchtop tester performs AC Hipot, DC Hipot, Insulation Resistance and Ground Bond Testing in a convenient and space-saving one box solution.

new testing equipment rentalsWith user-friendly menu navigation, the 4000 Series reduces set-up time and increases production line throughput for any application. The unit also has an optional RS232 connection and offers users the ability to control the device via a PLC remote. This capability makes performing quality and safety checks on your devices easier.

Whether you are in the appliance, industrial equipment, information technology, or contract manufacturing industry, the Slaughter 4320 Safety Analyzer is a top choice for performing AC/DC Hipot, Insulation Resistance and Ground Bond testing.

Benefits of the Slaughter 4000 Series Safety Analyzer:

  • Versatile 4 in 1 functionality
  • 6 Programmable memories with 6 test steps each
  • Easily automate for data collection
  • Remote safety interlock
  • Safeguard your workstation with PPE accessories

PMC Rentals offers flexible rental options from 2-days to one month. Evaluate equipment, eliminate downtime, meet deadlines and stay within budget with PMC Rentals. To view pricing, request product availability and download the product specification sheet, visit the PMC Rental product page. For questions about this product, email

VLF-34E Hipot Tester for High Voltage AC Testing

vlf ac hipot testerIn addition to the 4 in 1 safety analyzer, PMC Rentals also added a new AC Hipot rental option this Fall – the VLF-34E Hipot Tester. This unit is portable, affordable, and designed to withstand years of field use.

The VLF Hipot allows a much larger range of high voltage AC testing – up to 34kV AC. The 0 – 34 kV AC peak/0 – 24 kV RMS output voltage meets world standards for maintenance testing up to 25 kV class cable. A top performer from the HVI VLF AC hipot family, the VLF-34E tester is a dry-type, air-cooled, solid state design with microprocessor control.

An added benefit of this tester is that it does not create more work for the contractor or engineering to outfit if a cable is damaged. In addition, test programming, data retrieval and custom PC software are intuitive and easy to learn with the VLF Hipot. Learn more about this product and view our flexible option for testing equipment rentals on the PMC Rentals website.


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