New Product Launch! Megger MPQ1000 handheld power quality analyzer

New Product Launch! Megger MPQ1000 handheld power quality analyzer

handheld power quality analyzer  The Megger MPQ1000 Handheld Power Quality Analyzer is an advanced 3-phase analyzer. It is a highly intuitive analyzer that delivers unmatched capability in a smart ergonomic platform. View RMS data, waveforms, demand data, phase angles, harmonics, unbalance, flicker and more in real time with the MPQ1000 scope mode and DVM mode. When data needs to be recorded the MPQ1000 record verification will automatically identify the current clamps, recognize their range and verify the unit is connected properly. Simply connect it and push the record button. The MPQ1000 can record for extended periods of time because of its massive memory. It utilizes an SD card, which makes expanding the memory as easy as installing a new SD card.


  • Automatic CT recognition means never having the unit programmed for an incorrect range.
  • CTs are powered by the unit so there is no need for additional connections.
  • Connection verification ensures the unit is configured correctly and you get the data you need — no wasted recordings.
  • On-board data analysis saves time by allowing an immediate examination of data before leaving the site.
  • Multiple communication methods (USB, Ethernet, USB stick or SD card) allow for flexible and convenient operation.
  • Removable SD card allows for large recording capabilities and simple memory expansion.
  • The expanded 1000 V ac range allows for more application; no need for a second unit.
  • CATIV @ 600 V assures a safe unit for all applications.
  • Full-featured Class A compliant (all parameters) ensures the recording of correct values


Using experience gained from supplying a multitude of analyzers to a large number of utilities, industries and service providers, Megger has designed the most versatile unit available today. Some of the applications include the following:

  • Compliance testing to any PQ standard
  • Power factor studies
  • Load studies and load balancing
  • Billing verification
  • Substation monitoring
  • Capacitor bank sizing
  • Transformer analysis and de-rating
  • Motor troubleshooting and inrush testing
  • Switchgear and component failure
  • Tripping breakers
  • Equipment tripping offline
  • Dimming/surging lighting
  • Lamp flicker analysis
  • Neutral overheating
  • Solar (PV) analysis

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