ISO 8655-2 Accredited Pipette Calibration Services

PMC Calibration Lab is ISO 17025 and ISO 8655-2 Accredited

accredited pipette calibration services

PMC Calibration recently expanded their ISO 17025 calibration lab offerings to include accredited pipette calibration services. Regular calibration of medical equipment is vital to ensure that the instruments are accurately measuring the correct volumes of liquid to produce quality results in the lab. PMC offers ISO 8655-2 accreditation calibration for pipettes –  a specific calibration standard written to address accuracy and reliability of piston pipette calibrations.

Importance of Pipette Calibration

Overtime, pipettes can wear with the frequency of volume changes when continuously used in the lab. The natural wear and tare that can occur with normal or extensive usage can produce inaccurate measurement and test results. Pipettes typically wear after each year, even with normal usage, which is why calibration of pipettes is vital within your lab.

There are many factors that can impact the accuracy and longevity of pipettes including the technique, cleanliness, temperature, proper pipette tip and calibration. Practicing preventative maintenance increases accuracy and reduces costs.

PMC Calibration Pipette Services


  • Simple pass/fail documentation provided
  • Includes 5 readings taken at 10% and 100% of nominal capacity


  • Standard calibration certificate per pipette
  • Includes 7 readings taken at 10%, 50% and 100% of nominal capacity “as found” and “as left” data provided


  • Additional test points for detailed analysis
  • Includes 10 readings taken at 10%, 50% and 100% of nominal capacity “as found” and “as left” data provided
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PMC offerings a variety of pipette calibration services to best meet the needs of all customers. Whether you’re looking for standard, single channel pipette calibration to advanced, 12 channel calibration, PMC provides accredited services at a competitive price.

pipette calibration servicesThe advantages of using PMC Calibration for your pipette calibration services include:

  • Competitive pricing
  • ISO 17025 and ISO 8655 accredited lab
  • Replacement of seals and O-rings
  • ISO 17025 certificate provided
  • Fast turnaround
  • Single, 8 and 12 channel options
  • “As found” and “as left” details on certificates
  • Highly-trained calibration technicians
  • On-site services

Pipette calibration services are performed in a controlled laboratory environment. All pipette calibrations are performed in compliance with ISO 17025 and ISO 8655-2.

Recommended Frequency of Pipette Calibration

The frequency of pipette calibration largely depends on the environment they are being used in. While some companies may require calibration on a yearly basis, others may require pipette calibration on a quarterly basis. Regularly calibrating your equipment ensures your lab is operating at peak accuracy and efficiency.

Schedule Your Routine Pipette Calibration

PMC can develop the custom calibration schedule that abides by your labs requirements and meets ISO certifications. PMC also offers onsite calibration services and will travel to your facility at no cost if located in the Twin Cities.

Schedule Your Pipette Calibration
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