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Buy a Fluke 754 Documenting Process Calibrator and get a FREE Fluke 700G Pressure Gauge! Between May 1, 2017 and June 30, 2017, any customer who purchases a FLUKE-754 Documenting Process Calibrator on a single order from PMC, can receive a free qualifying 700G Pressure Gauge.

Select one (1) tool from the list below as your free gift with your 754 Documenting Process Calibrator purchase

Precision Pressure Gauges:

  • FLUKE-700G01 Pressure Gauge, 0.4 PSIG/3 kPa
  • FLUKE-700G02 Pressure Gauge, 1 PSIG/7 kPa
  • FLUKE-700G04 Pressure Gauge, 15 PSIG/103 kPa F
  • LUKE-700G05 Pressure Gauge, 30 PSIG/207 kPa
  • FLUKE-700G06 Pressure Gauge, 100 PSIG/300 kPa
  • FLUKE-700G27 Pressure Gauge, 300 PSIG/2070 kPa
  • FLUKE-700G07 Pressure Gauge, 500 PSIG/3400 kPa
  • FLUKE-700G08 Pressure Gauge, 1000 PSIG/6900 kPa
  • FLUKE-700G10 Pressure Gauge, 2000 PSIG/13.6 MPa
  • FLUKE-700G29 Pressure Gauge, 3000 PSIG/20.7 Mpa
  • FLUKE-700G30 Pressure Gauge, 5000 PSIG/34 Mpa
  • FLUKE-700G31 Pressure Gauge, 10000 PSIG/69 Mpa

Absolute Pressure Gauges:

  • FLUKE-700GA4 Pressure Gauge, 15 PSIA
  • FLUKE-700GA5 Pressure Gauge, 30 PSIA
  • FLUKE-700GA6 Pressure Gauge, 100 PSIA
  • FLUKE-700GA27 Pressure Gauge, 300 PSIA

And if you need your equipment certified, we can help! Our ISO 17025 Accredited lab is able to certify both the Fluke 754 and 700G series pressure gauges. Process Measurement Company is your local partner in test and measurement.

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