Drop-in Replacement Metal Switchboard Meters & Big Look Panel Meters

metal switchboard meters

PMC will now offer the new metal case switchboard meters (MCS) manufactured by Sifam Tinsley as part of our drop-in replacement meter program. These ANSI style metal switchboard meters are higher quality at the same cost-effective price and often less than other varieties. Housed in a metal case instead of plastic and available in the 4 ½” case sizes, the platinum series metal case switchboard meters’ rugged design meets the needs of nearly all environmental applications.

These meters are compliant with the American ANSI-C39.1 accuracy class 1 specification – a ±1.0% of full scale basic accuracy class. In addition, they are UL E471457 listed. The new metal case switchboard meters include:

  • AC Ammeters
  • AC Voltmeters
  • DC Ammeters
  • DC Voltmeters
  • PF, Hz and Synchroscope
    • As an alternate to the Analog Platinum Synchroscope, The Platinum Digital Synchroscope has been included as it adds the additional displays of the actual difference of voltage, frequency and phase angle between the BUS (Reference) voltage & generator (Incoming) voltage, as well as a synchronizing relay.
  • AC Watt and Varmeters

PMC will soon stock a variety of these metal switchboard meters for drop-in replacement with quick delivery and options to customize. Ordering is made simple with PMC, simply provide the Sifam Tinsley part number and place a “PMC” in place of “MCS.” Models are customizable to meet customers various requirements.

Interested in seeing one of these new metal switchboard meters in-person? Contact sales@processmeasurementco.com today and let us come to you. For more information, download the product catalog.

Yokogawa Big Look Analog Meter Replacements

The Sifam Tinsley drop in replacement meters are an addition to our drop in meter replacement program that was started when Yokogawa Corporation discontinued manufacturing panel meters. To best serve the needs of our customers, PMC began offering the PMC line of analog panel meters that are a drop-in replacement for the Yokogawa meters.

big look replacement panel meters

The PMC panel meters are a direct replacement for the Yokogawa Big Look 2 ½” and 3 ½” panel meters. Save installation time – with PMCs direct replacement meters, there is no need to reconfigure your panel to fit another manufacturer’s meter.

PMC stocks many configurations of these Yokogawa big look meter replacements for quick delivery. An added benefit is that PMC customizes these drop-in replacement meters to your specifications.

To place an order by Yokogawa part numbers, simply place “PMC” in front of the Yokogawa number. To shop the line of PMC analog panel meters, click here. Contact our meter specialists for application assistance or to place an order today.

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