Custom calibration solutions


Process Measurement Company is your go-to expert for customizing and modifying analog and digital instruments, temperature sensors, power monitoring equipment, cable builds, custom control panels and more. Our services include:

Analog and Digital Instrumentation

We will take your unique requirements and setup and/or modify products to meet your needs.  We offer modification and configuration of:

  • Digital/analog meters
  • Process controllers
  • Temperature controllers
  • Paperless chart recorders
  • Operator interfaces
  • Signal conditioners
  • Power monitors
  • Miscellaneous industrial components

Unique Temperature Sensors

PMC also has the ability to customize various temperature sensors for most any application, whether it is measuring a hazardous location, liquid, gas, or solid.  Sensors can include:

  • Thermocouples
  • RTDs,
  • Thermistors
  • Protection tubes
  • Transmitters

Electrical Power Monitoring

PMC is a distributor for many energy monitoring products. We can design a package of components so your power measurement application reads correctly and meets the accuracy specifications for the application. We can match current and voltage transformers and then customize watt transducers with the meters to get the proper and accurate readings.

Custom Cable Building

Think you have a faulty connection and a cable is to blame? PMC offers custom cable building and repair with various pin selections and male/female connections. We’ll work with you to build patch cables to your exact specifications.

Custom Panel & Test Apparatus

PMC also offers one-of-a-kind custom panel and tester builds. We specialize in putting products together and mounting them in an industrial enclosure. We can also build specialty pieces of test equipment to fit your application and specifications.