Process Measurement Company & MadgeTech Bring Oven Mapping Solution to Medical Device Manufacturer

OVERVIEW Process Measurement Company (PMC) was recently approached by a medical device manufacturer to conduct an oven mapping study. A report of these results is requested on an annual basis to prove compliance with government and company policy. The customer had certain temperature, tolerance, and timing requirements. To accomplish the oven mapping study, PMC used [...]

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New Setra Industrial Pressure Sensing Product Selection Guide

Searching for the right pressure sensing solution? Setra recently released their new Industrial Product Selection Guide. With this new tool, you can feel confident that you’re selecting the transducer that has the right options, uses the right technology, and is the right overall solution for your application. This comprehensive solution guide is for: Industrial OEMs [...]

2018-08-20T10:18:38-05:00August 16th, 2018|

Portable and Permanent Instruments for Power Monitoring

Measuring electrical energy can provide valuable information in industrial and commercial environments, conserve energy, improve efficiency and reduce costs overtime. Power monitoring or power measurement can be used for sub-monitoring tenants for billing purposes or machine or plant efficiency. There are two basic types of power monitoring equipment – portable instruments that are used for [...]

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Setra Systems Provides Pressure Sensing Solutions

As part of our dedication to providing our customers with the best selection of instrumentation and equipment from top suppliers around the globe, Process Measurement Company (PMC) is an authorized distributor of Setra Systems. Setra provides unrivaled price to performance in Pressure Sensing Solutions. Pressure Transducers for Industrial Applications Setra provides the industrial marketplace with [...]

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PMC Unveils New Website

Process Measurement Company launched a new website this week and you can check it out HERE. We redesigned the site to give long-time customers and new users a more cohesive, easier-to-use browsing and shopping experience. The site also provides improved mobile responsiveness, meaning you can access and use the site’s features seamlessly from any phone or [...]

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