PMC Calibration Services Include COVID-19 Vaccine Storage

Calibrate COVID-19 Vaccine Storage Freezers – Accurate Calibration Down to -196°C Pfizer and BioNTech along with Moderna, recently announced that the COVID-19 vaccines each organization has been developing are more than 90% effective – with potential for release within a matter of months. Each of these COVID-19 vaccines are required to comply with [...]

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ISO 17025 Accredited Dimensional Calibration Services

Calibration of gauges, calipers, micrometers and more Process Measurement Company is an ISO 17025 accredited entity providing calibration services including dimensional calibration for your measuring instruments and hand tools. PMC calibrates to NIST-traceable standards for accuracy, reliability and longevity of your calipers, gauges or other dimensional instruments and tools. Calibration is vital for operator and [...]

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ISO 8655-2 Accredited Pipette Calibration Services

PMC Calibration Lab is ISO 17025 and ISO 8655-2 Accredited PMC Calibration recently expanded their ISO 17025 calibration lab offerings to include accredited pipette calibration services. Regular calibration of medical equipment is vital to ensure that the instruments are accurately measuring the correct volumes of liquid to produce quality results in the [...]

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Backflow Prevention & RPZ Testing Requirements

ISO Accredited RPZ Testing for Backflow Prevention Is your sprinkler system equipped to pass the backflow prevention testing requirements? Did you know that state laws require backflow testers or reduced pressure zone (RPZ) testers to be verified on an annual basis? An RPZ must be tested by a certified backflow assembly tester with the properly [...]

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Join PMC at the Energy Generation Conference

Join Process Measurement Company (PMC) at the Energy Generation Conference, booth #1211, on January 29 to 31 at Bismarck State College in Bismarck, North Dakota. PMC will showcase their products and solutions at EGC for energy conservation. Stop by to talk with our product and application specialists, watch demos, collect collateral and receive giveaways. Products PMC Provides: [...]

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Remote Energy Monitoring Solutions for DENT PowerScout Products

Whether you are running a manufacturing facility, data center, or a commercial building, energy costs can have an impact on profitability. To help, Process Measurement Company (PMC) and DENT Instruments have introduced an advanced remote energy monitoring solution with the ability to easily compare energy usage and control costs across multiple sites. This monitoring solution [...]

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Ask the Experts – Benefits of Temperature Controllers & Sensors

PID or temperature controllers are commonly used in applications where the user is looking to regulate temperature or create certain conditions where the temperature rises or falls based on set parameters. PID and temperature controllers are often used in industrial applications including where ovens are present such as large manufacturers of baked goods, injection molding [...]

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Drop-in Replacement Metal Switchboard Meters & Big Look Panel Meters

PMC will now offer the new metal case switchboard meters (MCS) manufactured by Sifam Tinsley as part of our drop-in replacement meter program. These ANSI style metal switchboard meters are higher quality at the same cost-effective price and often less than other varieties. Housed in a metal case instead of plastic and available in the [...]

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Why do Load Cells Malfunction?

Supplier Spotlight on: Rice Lake Weighing Systems PMC is a Rice Lake Weighing Systems authorized distributor, carrying the full product line including one of their most well-known products, load cells. While load cells are the most critical part of an electronic weighing system, they are also the most vulnerable and can malfunction from time to [...]

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Transmille 4000 Series Calibrator Advances Test & Measurement Calibration Services

PMC’s ISO / IEC 17025 accredited calibration lab recently expanded their capabilities with the purchase of the Transmille 4000 series advanced multi-product calibrator. This system is a state of the art calibration technology that allows for a greater range of calibration capabilities at a higher performance level. Transmille 4000 Series Calibration Capabilities: Built-in procedure mode [...]

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Renting Electrical Test Equipment after Hurricane Flooding

The recent hurricanes have left many with the need to purchase or rent electrical test equipment and cables to test functionality and safety. These cities have been left devastated and are slowly in the process of rebuilding. During this rebuilding process, it is important to consider the damages that your electrical cables and equipment may [...]

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Siemens Sitrans LR560: Easy Replacement for Ultrasonic Easy-Aimer with PMC

Are you looking to upgrade from the Siemens Milltronics ultrasonic bulk solid level detection? If so, the advanced Siemens Sitrans LR560 with radar level technology is a top choice. As a Siemens VS2 partner, PMC has a solution to grain bin monitoring with the Sitrans LR560. The Sitrans LR560 uses a 4 degree radar beam [...]

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