PMC Calibration Services Include COVID-19 Vaccine Storage

Calibrate COVID-19 Vaccine Storage Freezers – Accurate Calibration Down to -196°C Pfizer and BioNTech along with Moderna, recently announced that the COVID-19 vaccines each organization has been developing are more than 90% effective – with potential for release within a matter of months. Each of these COVID-19 vaccines are required to comply with [...]

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Pepperl+Fuchs Explosion Protection and Intrinsically Safe Products

The safety of staff, facility and environment are of paramount concern within every industry and especially within hazardous environments. From combustible dust, to gases, liquids and machinery, every organization has at least one risk factor associated with daily operations. With safety being a top priority for Process Measurement Company and our customers, we’re highlighting [...]

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Megger MIT2500: Handheld Insulation and Continuity Tester

Product Spotlight: Megger MIT2500 Insulation Tester Handheld Insulation Testers have long been an essential tool across industries. Professionals on the cutting edge know and expect Megger testers to bring quality in a user-friendly package. The MIT2500 gives service engineers an accurate, easy to use and durable tool for testing insulation of motors and cables. What [...]

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Is Your Electrical Equipment Wet from Flooding? Safety Test Your Electrical Equipment with a Megger Tester or Cable Locator

Recently, many parts of the Midwest have been impacted by flooding. Wet or flooded electrical equipment and cables can cause potential functionality, reliability and safety hazards. To avoid these hazards, test your electrical equipment to find out when the insulation is free of moisture. This is commonly referred to as an insulation resistance test or [...]

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NEC 220.87 Code Compliance – 30-Day Load Studies

What is NEC Code 220.87? The National Electric Code (NEC) exists to protect both people and property from potential hazards. Before adding equipment to your electrical system, it is recommended that a 30-day load / power study is performed to protect you from potential system overload. The NEC Code 220.87 Determining Existing Loads specifies that the [...]

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Tech Tip: Thermocouple Sensor Installation

Thermocouple Sensor Installation Tech Tip A very common temperature sensor used in all industries is the tried and true thermocouple.  Thermocouples are a very simple device which incorporates the bonding of two dissimilar metals to form a sensor junction.  As this junction changes temperature the millivolt output of the thermocouple changes which is a representation [...]

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Safety Tip: Current Transformer

An important tip for personnel safety and device protection is to always maintain a circuit on the secondary winding of any current transformer when current is flowing through the primary circuit.  If the secondary circuit is opened when primary current is flowing, then the voltage will go to a very high value, possibly causing electrical [...]

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Safety Tip: Hearing Loss Prevention

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), four million people in the U.S. work in environments that expose them to damaging noise each day. Ten million people in the U.S. have noise-related hearing loss. In all, nearly twenty-two million workers are exposed to potentially damaging noise each year. For many employees, noise is [...]

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The Danger of Voltage Sags & Swells

Voltage sags and swells are common in most industrial settings and don’t often cause a complete loss of power. However, they can create major power quality issues and potentially damage or shut down sensitive equipment. PMC offers a number of different ways to monitor power quality so you can determine whether power is sagging, swelling [...]

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Safety Tip: Stay Safe with Bluetooth Technology

When troubleshooting or starting up a control system, it’s often necessary to take electrical readings using portable test instruments. For years, the most common way of doing this was to use the proper PPE (personal protection equipment) as outlined in NFPA 70E, and take live measurements. This method inherently puts people at an increased risk [...]

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Safety Tip: Using a Multimeter

Multimeters, such as the Fluke 87V or the Flir DM92, are an essential tool used by electricians, technicians, and engineers. For safe operation of a multimeter, it is important to perform a visual inspection and simple electrical test prior to its use. First, inspect the test leads to make sure they are grease and dirt-free. [...]

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