Megger MIT2500: Handheld Insulation and Continuity Tester

Product Spotlight: Megger MIT2500 Insulation Tester Handheld Insulation Testers have long been an essential tool across industries. Professionals on the cutting edge know and expect Megger testers to bring quality in a user-friendly package. The MIT2500 gives service engineers an accurate, easy to use and durable tool for testing insulation of motors and cables. What [...]

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Is Your Electrical Equipment Wet from Flooding? Safety Test Your Electrical Equipment with a Megger Tester or Cable Locator

Recently, many parts of the Midwest have been impacted by flooding. Wet or flooded electrical equipment and cables can cause potential functionality, reliability and safety hazards. To avoid these hazards, test your electrical equipment to find out when the insulation is free of moisture. This is commonly referred to as an insulation resistance test or [...]

2019-04-08T15:55:31-05:00April 8th, 2019|

How DENT Portable Energy Data Loggers Helped Recover Revenue

Are you measuring the amount of energy that is being used at your location? If not, you may be surprised by the amount of energy your location and/or construction project is using and in-turn the associated costs. This was the case for Seattle City Light in the recent case study DENT released. The case study, [...]

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The VLF-34E Hipot is Available for Rent

Process Measurement Company (PMC) is again expanding its rental inventory with high-quality test and measurement equipment to fulfill their customers’ needs. Recently added to available rental inventory is the High Voltage, Inc. Very Low Frequency (VLF) 34E Hipot. VLF testing is used for any application requiring AC testing of high capacitance loads. It is recommended [...]

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Renting Electrical Test Equipment after Hurricane Flooding

The recent hurricanes have left many with the need to purchase or rent electrical test equipment and cables to test functionality and safety. These cities have been left devastated and are slowly in the process of rebuilding. During this rebuilding process, it is important to consider the damages that your electrical cables and equipment may [...]

2017-09-22T16:23:12-05:00September 12th, 2017|

Insulation Resistance Testing with PMC Rentals

Insulation resistance testing is a quality control test that is performed on cables to check for any cracks, leaks, or general damage of insulation. This test is analogous to a rubber hose hooked up to a sprinkler in your backyard. If there is a leak, hole, or tear in your hose, chances are your sprinkler [...]

2017-10-12T13:44:12-05:00June 22nd, 2017|

Short and Long Term Instrument Rentals

Did you know PMC offers short and long term instrument rentals? We have a large selection of test and measurement instruments to help you when you have an unexpected instrument failure or need some extra equipment. All of our rentals come with an accredited calibration to ensure you’re ready to go. Choose from the Following: [...]

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PMC Help Desk

Process Measurement Company offers four distinct services to our industrial, commercial, medical, and municipal customers. The four areas are: instrument product sales, calibration services, instrument repair, and value added services. These categories grew out of a need to serve our customers and help them solve their technical challenges in this ever changing marketplace. However, we [...]

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Megger Releases New Low Resistance Ohmmeter

Megger recently announced the DLRO10HD ohmmeter, which enhances the company’s existing family of 10 Amp DC low resistance ohmmeters (DLRO10 and DLRO10X). This heavy duty model combines simplicity of operation with selected high power ranges, and the ability to simultaneously make measurements and charge the battery from line power. The DLRO10HD measures low resistance values [...]

2017-01-16T15:11:31-06:00January 16th, 2017|

Megger Introduces New Products!

Megger has long been the name to trust for electrical test equipment. This month, we take a look at a couple new Megger products available through PMC's Component Solutions Shop, and share a few of the rental offerings available through PMC Rentals. Megger's newest offering is the MIT400/2 handheld insulation tester series that features a [...]

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Why is Calibration Important?

Ensuring that a piece of equipment is functioning safely and meets manufacturer specifications is an important part of workplace safety and quality assurance. Over time, equipment will degrade and start drifting as cumulative usage increases and environmental conditions change. The degradation of equipment may not be noticeable during normal operation but could have dire consequences, including systems [...]

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