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Interested in a Calibration Job with PMC?

Process Measurement Company (PMC) is skilled at developing custom calibration processes for new products and equipment. Our team members are trained in developing calibration processes that are repeatable and constant.

Without a defined calibration process for your products, how can you ensure reliability? PMC consults on and designs custom calibration processes indicative of your products. From medical device calibration jobs to custom machine calibration jobs and more, contact us today to speak with a trained calibration consultant.

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About Process Measurement Company (PMC)

Process Measurement Company (PMC) was established in 1981 as a full-service distributor of test equipment, industrial instrumentation, and measurement and control products. We have a trusted reputation throughout the Midwest as a leading provider of meters, sensors, indicators, controllers and test equipment. Our offerings include professional-grade products from top suppliers in the industrial community.

PMC also provides calibration services, product rentals, application assistance, and customization and repair services. We are an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited entity. PMC is based in Minneapolis and has regional offices in Denver, Kansas City and Omaha.