Automate Your Grain System with the Help of PMCs Gate Position Indicator

Looking for products that assist with automating grain systems? Process Measurement Company (PMC) manufactures two models of customizable gate position indicators. A gate position indicator provides a readout of the position of moveable machinery having limited travel or movement, including gates, dampers, or plungers. PMC manufactures and customizes both a general purpose or NEMA 4 gate position indicator and an explosion-proof gate position indicator.

Model 4000 Explosion-Proof Gate Position Indicator

The 4000 gate position indicator is for hazardous-location industrial applications such as grain elevators, and oil refineries. It consists of potentiometer contained within an explosion-proof housing. Attached to the housing exterior is the cable reel assembly which rotates the potentiometer as the cable extends and retracts. The pot is electrically connected to an amplifier and meter scaled 0-100% for indication.

Features of the Explosion-Proof Gate Position Indicator:

  • Explosion proof feedback housing
  • Analog meter and amplifier card (No housing)
  • 120 VAC power
  • Reel dust cover

Model 4100 NEMA 4 Position Indicator

The 4100 gate position indicator is designed for non-hazardous location industrial applications. It consists of a NEMA 4 pot-feedback housing assembly for mounting on or next to the moveable machinery (gates, dampers, plunges, etc.). A meter amplifier and meter scaled 0-100% open is provided for indication. The meter and amplifier can be ordered without meter housing for field mounting or within a variety of enclosure types.

Features of the NEMA 4 Gate Position Indicator:

  • NEMA4¬†feedback housing
  • Analog meter and amplifier card (No housing)
  • 120 VAC power
  • Reel dust cover

How to Order

Both gate position indicators can be customized to fit your specific application needs. The gate length for the NEMA 4 gate position indicator and the explosion-proof gate position indicator is available between 6 inches and 84 inches and must be specified to order. In addition to customizable gate lengths, the position indicators can also include these added benefits upon request:

  • 240 VAC Power
  • Meter enclosure
  • Digital meter
  • 4-20 mADC transmitter
  • Meter relay

To order the NEMA 4 gate position indicator, click here. To order the explosion-proof gate position indicator, click here. Both of these products can also be ordered by emailing

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